Meti project teams accompany or realize
projects of all sizes around the world

They can take full responsibility for the implementation of our solutions,
for the application part and for the technical part.

  • Based in Lorient, Paris, Bordeaux and Nantes, our application integration teams are made up of experts in the implementation of our products as close as possible to your business needs. The strong sectoral specialization of Meti allows our integrators to quickly understand the key points of the organization of the brands, their supply chain and their sales channels.
  • Our training teams are made up mainly of former large-scale operations. They know the distribution for having practiced it from the inside and know how to understand and be understood from our users in Central, Store or Warehouse.
  • Our technical team designs the architectures adapted to your needs, your volumetry and your security requirements. Our system and network engineers can install central servers and store or warehouse equipment.

Projects in total responsibility, or in complete cooperation

Your teams can acquire the necessary skills for an active role in the initial implementation and the solution’s lasting maintenance.